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Tube Rank Machine 2.0 Review : Quick Overview


Ankur Shukla

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Tube Rank Machine 2.0

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3rd July 2019

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Content writer, Bloggers, YouTuber and Internet Marketers.

About Tube Rank Machine 2.0

The KEY factors for ranking Videos higher in Google & Youtube search results to get massive amount of traffic for the right keywords are 4 essential things.

#1 – The TITLE of your Video

#2 – The Description of your Video

#3 – Video TAGS that you add to your video.

#4 – BACKLINKS – you need backlinks to rank everything.

We looked high and low but we could not find  a single product that could do all the above and thats why we created TUBE RANK MACHINE. an all in one software that helps you with the best titles for your videos, keywords and tags, description as well as BACKLINKS for your videos to rank higher

Tube Rank Machine 2.0 Review : Is it worth to buy?

Yes 100% its worth to buy because as an internet marketer i know it’s very difficult to Rank any blog post or youtube video in Google and Youtube serach engine. Tube Rank Machine 2.0 create backlinks for your content and get rank on top of search engine. If you buy backlinks from third party then it will cost you minimum $30 for 50 quality backlinks for per video.(not sure it will be quality or not) Every time you have to create backlinks to get rank on search engine then it will be very costly for you so i guess one time small investment is better than buy poor backlinks from anyone. 

Leverage the Power of Backlinks

If you create backlinks to your videos, people won’t have to be on the YouTube site to find them, for they’ll be appearing in the regular search engine listings. You can build backlinks to your videos by writing articles and linking to the video in the resource box, or perhaps by bookmarking the video at social bookmarking sites, to name a couple of ways. By building links using your main keywords, you’ll be able to bring your video to the height of the search engine results, which will surely give you an increase in YouTube views.

As long as you pick keywords that are relevant but don’t have too much competition, you should be able to achieve a great deal by building backlinks to your videos.

It’s really important that you work towards the long term success of your YouTube video, rather than aiming short term – always remember that.
Sean Mackey is a writer, blogger and information publisher. Find out more about web video marketing at his website Visual Power Profits.

Tube Rank Machine 2.0 Review : DEMO

Tube Rank Machine 2.0 Review – Features

Fully Web Based App that helps you rank videos higher in Google and Youtube for Unlimited Videos.

– Video Title Generator to get best titles for your videos.

– Video Description Generator takes the guess work out of writing a complex description for your videos.

– Video Tag Generator gives  500+ Tags for your videos.

– Build Backlinks for your videos in 1-CLICK.

– FULLY AUTOPILOT – submit a new video & easily build 50 to 100 backlinks built to it within the next 48hrs. 

  • Video Rank Checker Tool
  • Keyword Generator Tool
  • Trending Videos Finder Tool
  • Channel Spy Optimizer Tool
  • Video Optimizer Tool
  • Thumbnail Spy Tool
  • No manual work required at all.
  • No more expensive outsourcing.

Tube Rank Machine 2.0 Review Bonus : Top Selling Premium Course

I will not give you any plugin or ebook because everyone provide the same and those knowledge you already have so i would like to share some premium courses which i saved and you will get this below premium courses with Tube Rank Machine 2.0

1. YouTube Mastery 2019 

2. David Vlas YouTube Video Complition course

3. Make Money On YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos Download

4.BRKO Banks Youtube Mastery – HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE 

5. YouTube SEO v2 

6. Tube Takeoff Academy – Learn How To Get $100 Per Day FAST On YouTube In 2019 Download 

7. Tube Tycoon

8. David Vlas – YouTube Revenue Machine Making 6 Figures A Year Full Course 

9. Graham Stephan – The YouTube Creator Academy

Worth More Than $2500+

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Tube Traffic Machine 2.0 UPGRADES - OTO's and Price

  • Tube Rank Machine 2.0 PRO Upgrade – $67

– All the Features of the Front End Version PLUS…

– Video Spy Tool – spy on the top videos in your niche.

– Automated Advanced Backlink Builder for videos.

– Website Backlink builder – lets you build backlinks for any kind of website or webpage, not just videos.

– Build 7 different types of backlinks automatically.

– Get 5000 BONUS backlink credits

– Export SEO backlink report to PDF & view online.

– Keyword research Tool built in to help you with backlink anchor texts powered by Youtube, Google & Bing.

– Create DAILY automated backlink campaigns that create 50 links per day for 30 days…etc. Set & Forget.

– Video Thumbnail Creator Tool – creates optimized thumbnails for more clicks and views.

  • Tube Rank Machine 2.0 – VIDEO Skyrocket – $47
  • Tube Rank Machine 2.0 – 50 SEO TOOLS – $37
  • Tube Rank Machine – Developers / Agency License – $67
  • Tube Rank Machine – Reseller License DEAL – $97

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