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Today you can start your own business or services and if you already have any businesses or services so you can add this into your business.

Why this business will work ?

Nowadays, People need automated business without doing anything they can generate money and mostly people coming into blogging fields and after that they don't know how to write content or any articles, they hardly post 4-5 blog post and after that they quit. so for those people you can sell them your services at good price and everything is done for them, so they don't need to work anymore and they can generate easy money from advertisement on their website. 

Best part is you also don't need to work everything is done for you. You just need to place their order and make simple and easy passive income by doing nothing. You can sell your service on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Where to buy Content?

You need to buy content from Content is King this is the best site to buy at low price and also you can use it for yourself if you want because its completely unique and new articles you will get.

Content is king Price List

Name and Number of Post
Length of Post
5 Original Short Blog Posts
350-400 words Each
5 Original Long  Blog Posts
500-750 Words Each
10 Original Short Blog Posts
350-400 words Each
10 Original Long  Blog Posts
500-750 Words Each

How you can make Money or Profit?

So as you know now you don't need to work you just need to place an order but you need to buy from somewhere else and resell them as per their requirements. When you sell your services you can make money.

If you check on Fiverr or somewhere else so you can see how much money they are charging for content writing and article writing (Bookmark this for future Content is King)

So here's the profit calculation - 

Let's take example of 10 Long post you want to sell and it costs you $60 - for each post you pay $6.

1 Post 750 words + 1 Video If you are selling on portal at the rate of  $20 and without portal like Social media you can sell at $15. Because portal is charge some fee. and Social media don't.

If you calculate you make upto $100 profits for 10 Content writing or Article writing - this is just an example you can sell this on your price also.


Can I purchase Content Packs now for use later?

Absolutely! You can purchase now and use up to 12 months later. It’s actually a good idea as we WILL be raising prices after this introductory launch – and videos will NOT be included after this offer closes.

What format are the articles in?

All articles will be delivered in Word, Pages and TXT format.

What format are the videos in?

Videos are delivered in MP4 format. Intros and outros can be added with standard editing software.

What rights do I get with the articles?

The content is 100% yours to do with as you please, including copyright the works. You own full rights and the content will not be sold to anyone else.

What rights do I get with the videos?

You own the videos and may do as you wish, however, the background images and videos may only be used for the video as it is delivered to you – it may not be utilized in another video.

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