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Manage your Pinterest Boards and Get Traffic

How to Manage Pinterest boards -

Pinterest is a great platform for businesses. One of the key features is the ability to create Pinterest boards. These are much like categories. When you pin, you will be asked which board to pin to. Here are some guidelines for the best uses of these boards. Before dealing with your Pinterest boards, make sure your profile is set up and that you have a decent picture along with a description of your business. You may believe people don’t read your profile but in fact, many will. Also, include your website address as you’ll get a good number of pinners that will use it.

This is free traffic to your website. It’s usually best to have Pinterest accounts with a specific theme or niche, and this is key when determining what to name your boards. As of this writing, Pinterest does not prohibit people from multiple accounts. So, keep the accounts separate from personal and business. The downside is you will need to manage these multiple accounts. When setting up your Pinterest boards, keep the subject in mind and stay on focus for your niche. Having diverse boards that are not centered on a topic will confuse your visitors. As you develop your Pinterest following, you will start to receive requests to join other pinners’ boards. The advantage to joining them is you are given the green light to pin to these boards. When they are actively followed by thousands of members, this can mean good exposure to the pins you post. Many of these Pinterest boards will have rules.

Usually, they specify how many posts you are allowed per day or per week, etc. It also gives guidelines about inappropriate posts such as nudity, etc. Pinterest used to prohibit nudity of any kind. It has since relaxed its prohibition to some degree. You want to make sure you follow the rules. Otherwise, you can be deleted from a great board that drives a lot of traffic to your website. You may also get reported if the offense is large enough. Arrange your Pinterst boards to the top of your profile, followed by any of the group boards you have joined. 

People will take a look at your Pinterest boards which means you want the ones you created to be at the forefront. It’s unlikely for people to scroll down past one or two pages of your board list. When considering joining group boards, be sure to keep the number that you sign up for to a minimum. Pinterest views having an inordinate amount of group boards as spamming and your internal ranking will be affected by it.

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