Top 10 Gary Vaynerchuck Quotes - 2018

Gary Vaynerchuck Quotes

You don't want what your friends want,

So why the fuck would you care.

If people spent as much time focusing on upgrading their mindset as they do their fucking phones,
They would be a hell of a lot happier and productive.

If your voice in your head is mean to you,
Remember someone manipulated that voice and instilled it in you.
Kill that fake voice and find yours.
I love you, Now love yourself

You're not Lost.
You're Just Early
in the process.

There is No right way,
There is only what works for you.

You are 100% Fucking in charge of your life.
Stop Fucking Complaining.

Your Grandparents went through war and the depression and
Now you're crying because you don't have 1000 followers ?
Get the fuck out of here.

It doesn't matter
Where you were

Nice Guys finish first,
it's just that they are sometimes
losing at halftime.

Entitlement and lack of
patience are the frameworks
as to why people aren't Successful

If you read all the Gary vaynerchuck quotes so did you realised or related your life with this ?
I don't consider this as an Gary vaynerchuck quotes because this is the real picture of life and specially for those who wants to be someone like entrepreneur or actor or rapper or singer or whatever and always cry for what he don't have and making excuses. They need to be understand their capablity and need to work smart and you can follow Gary vaynerchuck on Instagram. He is one of the best influencer for youth.

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